Maternity Massage*
50 min $135 | 80 min $185
This tailor-made massage is designed to relieve your tired, aching back and
feet. As tension melts away, both mother and baby can relax and enjoy the
journey. Typically enjoyed during second and third trimesters.
Hot Stone Massage
50 min $150 | 80 min $210
Combines traditional massage techniques with the therapeutic
heat of warmed stones to deeply penetrate into the muscles for
ultimate relaxation.
Reflexology Massage*
50 min $135
This massage of pressure points on hands and feet uses both thumb and
finger walking as well as static pressure to unblock the flow of energy through
the entire body and accelerate natural healing abilities.
In-Suite Massage
50 miN $185 | 80 min $235
Enjoy a massage of your choice in the privacy of your guest suite; requires
24 hours notice. (For Magnolia, Gardenia, Hydrangea, Evergreen andWisteria
Suites only.)
Massage Add-Ons 25 min $75
Reflexology Massage
Customized Scalp Massage
Additional massages such as Thai Massage and Shiatsu are available upon request.
Please inquire with our spa concierge for information.
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