body treatments
Spa L’Auberge is pleased to offer exclusively crafted body treatments
that showcase the finest, most results-driven products.
For the following
treatments, choose the 80 minute option for a full 50 minute massage.
Seaweed Scrub*
50 MIN $135 | 80 MIN $185
Purifying and detoxifying scrub using the healing powers of the ocean
followed by a remineralizing and nourishing laminaria oil application.
Invigorating Coffee Scrub*
50 MIN $135 | 80 MIN $185
Revitalizing coffee and sea salt body polish followed by a soothing and
energizing coffee oil. Caffeine increases circulation and helps to reduce the
appearance of cellulite while refreshing tired muscles.
Rosemary Sea Salt Scrub*
50 MIN $135 | 80 MIN $185
Invigorating sea salts combine with fresh cooling rosemary for an exhilarating
exfoliation followed by a custom blended seaweed oil to heal and nourish
your skin.
Nurturing the Mom-To-Be*
50 MIN $135 | 80 MIN $185
Gentle aromatherapy scrub and massage application with customized
products designed specifically for the mom-to-be. Special pillows and
techniques are used to ensure your comfort and safety while stress and
tension melt away.
50 MIN $135 | 80 MIN $185
Personalize your aroma with this luxurious shea butter salt and sugar scrub
followed by an ultra-hydrating shea butter oil in your chosen aroma.
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