For the following body treatments, choose the 110 minute option for a full 50
minute massage.
Antioxidant Wine Therapy Scrub and Wrap*
80 MIN $185 | 110 MIN $250
An antioxidant-rich chardonnay sugar scrub is followed by a nourishing wrap
to heal and soften the skin while your scalp is massaged. Then, indulge in a
soothing chardonnay massage to deeply nourish the skin, ease tension and
leave you relaxed and radiant.
Refreshing Grapefruit Scrub and Wrap*
80 MIN $185 | 110 MIN $250
Stimulating double exfoliation combines a body brushing with a refreshing
aromatherapy scrub using natural grains. After a shower, you’ll receive a
layering of a detoxifying body gel and reviving aromatherapy oil massage,
while your muscles are gently stretched and your body and mind become
balanced. Finish with a gentle body wrap to soak in the therapeutic benefits,
relieving fatigue and exhaustion.
Moor Mud Body Wrap*
80 MIN $185 | 110 MIN $250
Feel the healing power of more than 1,000 plant extracts and trace elements
found in Moor Mud. After a body brush exfoliation you’ll receive a masque of
Moor Mud to detoxify, soothe aching muscles, reduce swelling in joints and
improve circulation. While soaking in the healing properties of the mud, enjoy
a stress-relieving scalp massage. Finish with a customized massage working
deeply into different muscle groups providing ultimate relief and relaxation.
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