Spa r i tuals
From distant shores… each of these signature body rituals invokes the cultures
and traditions of far away destinations. Specialty body polishes smooth and
exfoliate, a wrap in silky sheets will replenish and nourish, and a massage
inspired by the chosen destination completes these luxurious journeys.
Hammam Ritual*
80 min $185 | 110 min $250
Detoxifying and fragrant body treatment based on the skincare practices of
a Hammam bath house. The treatment begins with a vigorous lemon coffee
exfoliation followed by a detoxifying rhassoul clay wrap and luxurious scalp
massage. Sink into a warming therapeutic full body massage with a healing
blend of cardamom, sandalwood, sweet orange and jasmine, followed by a
deeply moisturizing tangerine and fig butter. You will leave rejuvenated and
limber, drenched in scent and moisture.
Japan Ritual*
80 min $185 | 110 min $250
Renew and rebalance with our ritual based body treatment inspired by the
thorough art of caring for your body, developed and perfected in Japan. The
treatment begins with a gentle exfoliant using a bamboo ginger-grass scrub,
before the skin is softened with cherry rice blossoms. Relax with a luxurious
massage with wild lime and plum blossoms, then sink into a gentle
wrap to seal in the healing. Using simple movements based on
Japanese Meridian massage while blending layers of exceptional
ingredients and pure scents deeply into your skin, you will leave
feeling purified and energized, your skin softened and delicately
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