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My Wedding Resolutions List

It's January and everyone around me is making resolutions.  While I have no desire to frequent my gym more often or learn a second language, I am feeling inspired as I look forward to another season of weddings.  This past year was filled with some of the most creative brides, awe-inspiring events, and fresh ideas I've ever seen.  As I sit in my office surrounded by photos of all this beauty, I have a few resolutions and reminders for those lucky brides of 2012:

Resolution #1: Think Outside the {white shoe} Box

One of my favorite brides, Jennifer, rocked her black-tie wedding this year in a Nicole Miller dress and red satin shoes.  This big day is YOUR day.  No matter how much wedding etiquette we shove down your throat, you are ultimately the one designing your celebration so make it yours.  I have yet to meet a bride that regretted being true to her own style.

Resolution #2: Don't Rock the {love} Boat

While the wedding day is super important -- after all, you look at these photos forever -- keep in mind what the day is really all about.  When you feel that urge to put your future mother-in-law in her place when she recommends neon green as a wedding color, remember that this woman will be in your life forever.  When you and your hubby start cracking under the pressure of roses versus tulips, take a deep breathe and spend some non-wedding time with the man you fell in love with.  Pick your battles and don't let the wedding take over.

Resolution #3: Have Your {wedding} Cake and Eat It Too

I cannot possibly say this enough: after planning a wedding for months and spending a small fortune on every detail, enjoy it.  Jeff and Sarah, my adorable September couple, told me in our very first meeting that they wanted to be at their cocktail hour.  I loved their commitment to remembering and participating in each event of their wedding day.  Whether it's taking five minutes to hide in a corner and observe your guests, sitting down to eat a slice of that gourmet cake, or taking a few deep breaths before you walk down the aisle, be present throughout the entire experience.

So to all you brides furiously planning all the details of your magical day, make a resolution before it's too late to enjoy this time of your life.  2013 will be here before you know it!

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New-Fangled Cocktails

Lobby Bar and Bleu Bar are mixing it up with a fresh and innovative cocktail menu! Take a gander at the new additions:

Bobby / 12
ketel one, st. germain, grapefruit, fresh lime

Barbados Fall / 12
mt. gay, cointreau, pumpkin syrup, ginger ale, apple bitters

Ananas / 12
belvedere, pineapple, simple syrup, mint

Ferrari / 12
grey goose, campari, drambuie, lemon twist

Pomodoro / 12
grey goose, tomato syrup, lime, basil, tabasco

Mulata / 12
bombay sapphire, pimm’s #1, fig cachaca, sage, fresh lime                  

The Maximilian Affair/ 12
patrón silver, orange juice, cherry heering, chartruese

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