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Don’t Miss Out on Opening Day at the Del Mar Races 2014

We’re dreaming about fascinators, track hats and trifectas; eagerly counting down the days to Del Mar’s track season and our Official Opening Day After-Party!

This year, we’re excited to introduce CLUB 1540 “The Club within the Party”.
For just one night we are transforming KITCHEN 1540 into a very exclusive, limited access, nightlife experience. Celebrity disc jockey DJ Naka G with opening acts DJ NOEL 2033 and Rico De Largo provide a spirited vibe, perfect for the dance floor. CLUB 1540 is all about ultra-VIP service; there will be hosted champagne, 6-courses of tray passed eats from KITCHEN 1540’s new menu and bottle service with signature spirits.

This exclusive San Diego party is limited to 200 guests and includes admission to the regular party.


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San Diego Earth Day Activities

Today marks a special day across the planet.  In conjunction with Destination Earth, L’Auberge Del Mar is participating in Earth Day by “turning down the power” this evening. We will dim all the lights in the lobby and around certain areas of the hotel. If you would like to participate at home or while you are staying with us, please turn off any lights, a/c, television, radio or anything at all that requires the use of power for a portion of your evening. At L’Auberge Del Mar, guests can enjoy sitting on the patio and listening to the sounds of the ocean, visiting with family or just breathing in the refreshing night air that surrounds us. Upon check-in today, our Front Desk will provide a LED key ring light.

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Surf Earth Day in San Diego

We’re coming up on our 2nd Annual Earth Day Paddle-Out at Del Mar Beach and couldn’t be more excited! Last year we started a new tradition at L’Auberge, inviting staff and the local community to join in our Destination Earth Green Team’s statement and poem, then spend an hour surfing the waves in honor of oceanic preservation. This year we’re striving to raise more awareness with our new partnership, Del Mar’s Fulcrum Surf School.

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Selecting Southern California Beach Wedding Florals

Peonies, Juliette Roses, Ranunculus oh my! Wedding florals are such a special part of the big day, and sometimes can be challenging in selection.  A wonderful way to stay on budget and fill your day with lush blooms is to know what is in season.  We like David Tuteras, recent post on flowers in season, broken down by month.

Of course you could always stop by and smell the roses in Del Mar...The L’Auberge Del Mar Wedding Team is glad to help and truly can’t wait to see what you select for your perfect bridal bouquet. Happy planning!

#WeddingWednesday #WeddingTips

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Our 5 Favorite Things To Do in San Diego Stormy Weather

  1. Order Room Service and a Movie – Cozy up by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa, tea or an Irish coffee, yum.
  2. Hop in the Hot Tub- Our year round warm weather in Del Mar almost makes it seem silly that we have one, but when there is a day that’s chilly we’re sure glad we do.
  3. Watch the Kite Surfers along the Coast – When the winds pick up, so does the local kite boarding action! Find yourself entertained for hours with the extreme acrobatics of this ocean sport.
  4. Make it a Spa Day – Always looking for an excuse to be pampered? Us too. We’re dreaming of Spa L’Auberge’s Hot Stone Massage and MoroccanOil Body Wrap!
  5. Look for Rainbows – A storm is fun for us because it’s something out of the ordinary at our Southern California beach resort; we know it won’t be around for long and when the weather clears we get treated to a plethora of rainbows by the sea.

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Real Winter Wedding in Del Mar

The L’Auberge Del Mar Wedding Team would love to share with you a real wedding held here on December 21, 2013; Asydea and Nathan’s Winter Solstice Soiree! With a perfect dusk ceremony on the Sunset Terrace followed by cocktails and dinner on our Pacific Terrace, this wedding was an exquisite starry night by the sea, full of design touches.

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Live Happy San Diego... Our Workday De-Stressers!

Need a post-work Detox? Spa L’Auberge has some weekday wellness recommendations for you.
On your way home, (whether walking, biking, driving or sitting in traffic), take three deep breaths and think about 3 POSITIVE things that happened today.  It could be lunch with good company, someone complimented you on a project you’ve been working on, or you helped out a coworker, etc. …just three things.  Then turn your concentration to one great thing you are going home to. This could dinner, children, a TV show, or putting on your comfy clothes.  Affirmative thoughts can naturalize any negative activity and increase positive outcomes.  Do these for one week and you will soon find that Life is Good!

Some physical enhancements to this method would be:

  1. Keep Essential Oil In Your Car - put a couple drops on a tissue and place it in the vent.  We like Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax essential oil (available at Spa L’Auberge).
  2. Heat Your Neck & Shoulders – just five minutes will release tension; this is great for those of us that type all day. Take a nice hot shower when you get home, letting the water run on the back of your neck.
  3. Stretch - let go of the muscles that are holding on tight to your full day’s work. A couple yoga poses when you get home can work wonders.
  4. Kick Off Those Shoes - rub your feet and toes with a peppermint lotion to increase circulation and relaxation then cover your feet up with a pair of socks to secure that extra moisture.
  5. Hydrate – often, we pump ourselves up with caffeine and energy drinks throughout the day to keep our body going, but it’s important to drink water to hydrate your body. Day-spa-it at home with your own infused water simply by adding some fresh cut fruit to your HO.
  6. Gratitude – it’s the number one cure to stress!  Tell someone you love or appreciate them; we all have challenges that are hard to meet and maintain, remember that we have a choice in how we handle each day and sometimes the tough stuff teach us to be grateful for all sorts of people, places and things elsewhere in our lives.
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Insider’s Look at San Diego Restaurant Week

It’s Restaurant Week at the KITCHEN! We’ve been pretty excited about it and here’s why…
Restaurant Week draws attention to San Diego’s fashionable culinary scene which has become a prominent part of our city’s identity, celebrated by locals and tourists alike. We love inviting new diners to come try our fare, as well as give our regulars a sweet deal. And this time around we have some new menu items to show-off. So, if you’ve been looking for an excuse to savor your lunch hour and escape the office, here’s a closer look at what’s on the menu:



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A Closer Look into 2014 San Diego Wedding Trends

As we move further into the New Year, we are getting even more excited about 2014 wedding trends! Delving deeper from our last blog, here are some current wedding trends that have already made an appearance in our 2014 client design and florist meetings:

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2014 San Diego Winter Wedding Trends

It’s the time of year to pull out sparkle and glitz! Although we don’t see snow at L’Auberge Del Mar – we still love winter wedding wonderland styles and themes that come along with the season.

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