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Sweetest Mom

What makes my mom the sweetest? Just yesterday I found a new dress hanging in my closet. I had mentioned that I had found the perfect dress and bought one in gray and was tempted to go back and get the other color. Voila! There was the surprise from my sweet mom. The only reason she was even at my house and able to drop off the dress was because she was babysitting my 22 month old, who I had called her asking if she could watch only the night before. She is a Super Sweet GrandMama!!

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A Mother of Two and A Daughter to Hundreds of Moms

A mother of 2, a daughter to hundreds. Giving Mother's Day a meaning to an entire community. My grandmother Rose was placed in a senior care facility 4 years ago, and my mother Lori has visited her EVERY DAY FOR 4 years, that is 1,460 days straight of letting a mother know how much her daughter cares for her. While she was constantly vising, she also became a daughter like figure to all of the other senior residents.

Sadly my grandma passed just a week ago on April 20th. Despite her passing, my mother continues to go to retirement home and visit with all those grandmothers/mothers she has become so close with over the past years. 1,460 days of making her mother and many other moms feel loved. So not only is she the sweetest mother to 2 children of her own, but also provides an entire community of mothers with the appreciation and love they deserve. Many woman can say they are an amazing mother, but only one can say that she is also an amazing daughter to hundreds of Moms. :) She is hands done the sweetest Choice!

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Ma Douce Mere

My Mom has been my best friend and my support all my life. She is a wonderful Granparent to her grand dog. And with hard work, dedication and a lot of splinters and thorn injuries she has worked as a volunteer to recreate a natural native garden that is just spectacular at Batiquitos Lagoon in Carlsbad. She is sweet, cute and a ton of fun AND SHE loves special treats like a nice lunch at L'Auberge.

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Sweet? Nah! But Great.

My mother is now 84 years old and still works full time. No one would ever describe her as sweet, but, the older she gets, the more I appreciate her. When she found out I was gay, she stopped talking to me for awhile. But, over time, she became more and more accepting. Now, 15 years later, she recruits gays and lesbians to be foster families at Gay Pride in Phoenix (for her job). It wasn't easy, but I have so much respect for her because she took a closed mind and opened it up. So, she is not sweet, but she is pretty great. My wife just lost her mother a few weeks ago, but my mother will be here visiting for Mother's Day this year. I would love to take her to brunch. Thank you.

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Sweetest Mom

My mother's name is Koko. She is from Japan. I have many sweet memories of her growing up. I used to bring home lizards and snakes that I caught in the field and she put up with them getting loose in the house. She let me bring home stray dogs and cats, even though she preferred having a clean house. She made the coolest things to eat for the holidays. She taught me how to cook Japanese food, how to make beautiful things for Easter and Christmas, how to appreciate plants and flowers. Today, even though I'm grown and in my 40's, she always opens her home to me and my family....including the dogs. She's the best Mom ever and I love her more than words can say.

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Sweetest Mom: Sally Ferrer

Earlier this year, I received the greatest gift of my life, my little girl Beatrix. My pregnancy was not easy and I went trough a traumatic labor. I had to go through weeks of the baby blues. My little girl is now 15 weeks old and I am very much enjoying motherhood. I would not have been able to go through all the stress and the fun that I'm having now if not for my Mom, Sally. She continues to be my strength and inspiration to be a good mother.

Being a new mom is not an easy task. She was there every step of the way. She helped me a lot with the baby and took over the household chores. Growing up, she had taught us very good values that truly helped me and my siblings become successful at school and in our chosen careers. My Dad left to work abroad to work for a number of years and she raised four kids by herself during this time. She lost a child but instead of caving in due to sadness, she focused more on being a mom to the rest of us her children. She worked two jobs during the last 18 years. She managed to provide for the family financially and still nurtured us emotionally. My mom now takes care of Beatrix when I returned to work. This should have been the time for her to slow down since she has worked hard all these years but she still chooses to be with her grandchild and still manages to work in the afternoons. Seeing my mom with Beatrix gives me so much confidence that not only is she in safe hands, she is also well loved. My wish for my first Mother's Day is for my mom to continue to be blessed with good health and that I will be able to become a great mom to Beatrix just like my mom is to me. She is a true wind beneath my wings.

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Twice Blessed with My Mother in Law

I have been blessed with an amazing mother who also happens to be my mother in law. I've been so fortunate to have another mother in my life who fulfills my need differently and in a special way than my biological mother. Bina Rohatgi has become my friend, mother, in law and confidante. Although she lives nearly 3000 miles away from us, she is always a phone call near and willing to travel great distances to help me in times of struggle. She flew to visit me and make sure that I was recovering well after 2 unfortunate miscarriages. I am now on my 3rd pregnancy and am 12 weeks pregnant. I feel blessed to have a wonderful mother (in-law) in my family and to be a mother myself soon.

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Mother's Day Delights

Make Mom's day and treat her to brunch in Del Mar this May 8th. 

W A T E R F A L L   T E R R A C E
Take in the view and fresh California cuisine at Waterfall Terrace where we're serving up a tasty buffet brunch.  Complete with Boston Poached Eggs joined by Maine Lobster and Herb Hollandaise, this is one buffet not to be missed.
10 am - 2:30 pm
$58 per person, $29 for children 5 - 12
view buffet menu

K I T C H E N   1 5 4 0
If Mom prefers her brunch with a modern twist, treat her to brunch a la carte at KITCHEN 1540.  Our favorite spot to celebrate?  A patio cabana.  Our favorite treat?  Almond Crusted French Toast with fresh local Strawberries and Mascarpone Cheese.  Delicious.
6 am - 2:30 pm
a la carte pricing
view menu

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My Beautiful Mom

My father passed away when I was only 8 years old. My mom raised my older sister, brothers and I, as a single mom. She was my best friend. We were always close. She never complained about anything and would always look at the bright side of things. She encouraged me to become a strong woman and the alternative was not an option!

We had a hard life, suffered the extrems you might say... loosing my father, loosing our home and even became homeless for a while. But all the while she did pervail and helped mold my brothers, sister and I into strong, motivated good hearted people. She sufferred 8 heart attacks in a 15 year period... She had 2 quadruple bypasses and lost her battle to lung cancer last year on June 6th 2010. She never complained about the pain, NEVER... She smiled until the day she passed. She was my strong momma, I MISS HER SO MUCH... I miss her smell, calling her on the phone to say Hi, seeing her precious smile light up the room. My mom really was my best friend. And now its my turn to be a mom! 3 bueatiful children, ages 13, 2 and a new little one 5 months old.

Oh how they will miss there Grandmama but I will pass on her traditions, her love and her stories....Happy Mothers day Everyone, Cherish and Love your mom, Treat her as if it is her last day on Earth, EVERY DAY.

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The Sweetest Mom

My Mom is as sweet as they come! She is a mother to 4 sons and 3 daughters and 13 grandchildren! My mother is an amazing role model who shows her children daily the meaning of unconditional love. My father is in the late stages of Alzheimer's and needs round the clock care with daily activities like brushing his teeth, getting dressed, and eating. My Mom retired from her nursing job to take care of my father full time. This is a difficult task that often times keeps my Mom housebound and puts her needs on the back burner. My mother has always been the rock that holds my family together. Attached is a picture of my Mom and Dad at the Del Mar Race Track; a yearly summer escape that they would attend before Dad's illness became too severe. I, along with my 2 sisters, would love to give my Mom a brief break, thank her for her unconditional love, and celebrate Mother's Day with her over a well deserved relaxing breakfast.

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5 Reasons My Mom Is Sweet

1) She loves me unconditionally 2) She instilled strength and grace in me 3) She is beautiful inside and out 4) She catches me when I fall 5) She just took me to Paris for an unforgettable vacation together, just the two of us.

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Betty Barstool: Holiday Edition

My mom's the sweetest because she texts me precious, little nuggets of wisdom (we call them "Bethisms") every day! She is a straight up diva- boss. Just look at the picture. No words necessary, just emanates greatness.

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The Perfect Grandmother

My sweet mother battled breast cancer this past year, yet selflessly gave of herself to her family at all times.  Despite surgery and radiation, she always found energy to play with her Grandkids, knit them Angry Birds dolls for Christmas because they loved that game so much, and called them daily to tell them how much they're loved.

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There's No One Like Mom

My Mom is a bit of heaven on earth. She must be an angel and I am the one who has been blessed. She loves unconditionally, lives with a child's innocence and enthusiasm and laughs with sparkles in her eyes. She is my best friend, my travel buddy, my confidant and the best Mom ever. At 78, she's younger than anyone I know and more fun, too. Mom IS sweet - sweet IS Mom. (I don't know how to upload pics, sorry, but Mom even looks like an angel...)

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It's a Farm to Fork Easter at 1540.

Treat you and yours to a seriously sweet Easter brunch, a la KITCHEN 1540.  We'll be serving up all your favorites, including our signature stack of Buttermilk Pancakes, the farm-fresh Farmer's Market Omelet, and more.

Of course, no Easter brunch is complete without a Bloody Mary with all the trimmings.  Mix it up - just as you like it - at our Bloody Mary Bar, open just for Easter. 

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How Sweet is Your Mom Contest at L'Auberge

What makes your mom sweet?  Drop us a few words, pictures or even upload your favorite video featuring your very own mom on L'Blog and you'll be entered to win a treat just in time for Mother's Day.  Whether you win the indulgent Coconut Milk Pedicure at Spa L'Auberge or Mother's Day Brunch for four at KITCHEN 1540 or Waterfall Terrace, you'll show your mom just how much you care (Oh, you're the favorite? We thought so.)

The deadline to enter is May 4th and both winners will be notified by email May 5th.  We look forward to hearing all about these wonderful ladies!

Submit your entry here

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PRA Destination Management and L’Auberge Del Mar Collaborate to Host a Game Show Extravaganza!

Answer: This is a high-energy, entertaining, and interactive teambuilding event.

Question: What is Game Show Extravaganza?!

Here in sunny San Diego, PRA Destination Management worked hand-in-hand with DH&R L’Auberge Del Mar to produce a QUIZ-TASTIC Game Show Teambuilding event for Abbott Vascular.

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Del Mar Dogs

This local Del Mar pooch, has one good sense of direction AND style.  About once or twice a month, when his owner gets particularily distracted, he sneaks out the door and bolts to the sweetest spot in town.  He now knows his way around L'Auberge and visits the front desk, hangs out with Sofie, then takes a seat in the back office to wait for his ride to pick him up at the valet. 

Now, this dog has taste...

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