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The Sweetest Dad

My Dad is so sweet because he has the biggest heart I know, he never argues with anyone or complains about ANYTHING. When my Mom was dying last year he was the caregiver for over a year and did EVERYTHING for her. He said it was his pleasure because she had done everything for him for almost 50 years. He's also the sweetest cause he always said yes to me growing up,my Mom was very strict. :-)

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The Best Dad EVER

My dad will be 81 years young this June and he still loves hanging out with all of his six children, going to community events and holding all his grand and great-grand kids. He is the sweetest dad in the world! We all love you dad!!

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World's Best Dad and Then Some

I wouldn't be where I am today without my dad, who I admire and adore. He always taught me to aim high. As a child, he used to make up inspirational stories, which I believe encouraged me to eventually take up writing and storytelling myself, eventually leading me to a career in journalism. He has worked hard his whole life, with rarely a break or the means to take a vacation. His sacrafices were for my family, and I am forever grateful. Earlier this year, he lost his mom, whom he cared for throughout her final years living with Alzheimer's. I know it was difficult for him to deal with but he rarely showed it. I believe many dads are deserving of this prize, but I think my dad's thoughtfulness, love of family and generosity make him No. 1.

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My Amazing Dad

My Dad is the most amazing man. After being seperated from him for most of my life and only seeing him once a year, he came and saved me from my mom. He then moved me out to California and helped me start a new life. I was at a very desperate state and he immediately came to get me and helped me begin a life that is so much better than it could have ever been if I had stayed with my mom. He will do anything for me and I know this and I owe him my life. I love him more than he will ever know. I have not been working because of the economy so I will not be able to give anything back to my dad and this breaks my heart. I hope you pick my amazing dad! Thank you for your time.

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Father's Day at L'Auberge Del Mar

Treat Dad to a seriously sweet Father’s Day brunch this year. We’ll be serving up all your farm-fresh favorites, plus a brand new menu of AM cocktails certain to make Pop one happy camper. Take in the view alongside your eats at the Waterfall Terrace or soak up the sun on the KITCHEN 1540 patio. And, don’t forget to tell us how sweet your Dad is…you could win big.

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How Sweet is Your Dad Contest

What makes your dad sweet?  Drop us a few words, pictures or even upload your favorite video featuring your very own pop on L'Blog and you'll be entered to win a treat just in time for Father's Day.  Whether you choose an indulgent 60-minute massage at Spa L'Auberge or Father's Day Brunch for four at KITCHEN 1540 or Waterfall Terrace, you'll show your dad just how much you care (Oh, you're the favorite? We thought so.)

The deadline to enter is June 14th and the winner will be notified by email June 15th.  We look forward to hearing all about these wonderful men!

Submit your entry here.

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Sample. Savor. Share.

This summer we will unveil a unique dining experience.  A "choose your own adventure," if you will.  The journey takes place in a fresh space, involves lots of forks, lots of plates and white flags too.

You create your dining destiny, we provide the adventure.

Change is good. Arriving Summer 2011.

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Introducing Our Newest Cocktail Offerings

In the mood for a delicious libation?  Well, we have just the fix – completely revamped cocktail selections. 

Darby Kelly joins the L’Auberge team from Sin City, where spent over 5 years as Lead Bartender at the Wynn Las Vegas.  As Resort Mixologist, he has not only revitalized our cocktail offerings, but added his own signature flair to Lobby Bar, Bleu Bar and KITCHEN 1540's style.  So don't be shy.  Come on in to meet Darby and take one of his cocktails for a spin.  This guy knows his stuff, and we're thirsty.  

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Culinary Adventures in the Great Outdoors

Outstanding in the Field has been revolutionizing the local dining experience since 1999 by packing up their big red bus and hitting the road.  Traveling across the country to various unique locations, the OITF crew joins forces with a celebrated chef of each region and work together to create an eclectic meal straight from the land to the table.  Whether the location is by the shore or in the mountains, the consistent theme surrounding this lengthy farm table is to honor the local farmers, producers, and culinary artisans who help craft the feast.

This year, the big red bus is heading our way.  KITCHEN 1540's very own Executive Chef Paul McCabe will be joining the fun on June 26th at Crows Pass Farm in Temecula, a producer of a variety of farm-fresh harvest (and one of our favorite spots for local produce).  Chef Paul will help diners reconnect with the land by producing a fresh meal centered on organic and sustainable resources.

Hopefully you are one of the lucky ticket holders to this sold out event.  If not, you can catch the bus at another fantastic local farm, Olivewood Gardens on May 15th, in National City with local Chef Brian Malarkey of Searsucker.

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The Opening Day After-Party at L'Auberge Del Mar

Anticipation is growing for Del Mar's favorite day of the year: Wednesday, July 20th. That's 70 days and counting until Opening Day at Del Mar Race Track. And boy, are we excited.

Racing fans are already making plans for the big day; searching high and low for the perfect hat, scoping out the very best seats at the track, and studying into the wee hours of the morning to find that lucky horse. There is one thing they won't have to gamble on this year...and that's the perfect Del Mar Race Track Opening Day After-Party at L'Auberge Del Mar.

With culinary treats from award-winning KITCHEN 1540 and fabulous entertainment for all, it’s certain to be one sweet night at this exclusive event.

Advance tickets for the event are available now and can be purchased for $75 per person. And, for a more private, plush experience, reserve a cabana.  Space is limited for this special event, but should they still be available, day-of tickets can be purchased at the door for $100 per person.  But we wouldn’t count on it...

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Get Social at L'Auberge Del Mar

It's time to get social.  And, have we got a treat for our most gregarious of guests during the months of May and June.   

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the scoop (and the monthly password!).  Simply say the password when you check-in for your next stay at L'Auberge, and reap the benefits...but we're keeping them a surprise for now (who doesn't love a little surprise?).  You'll see why getting #socialatlauberge is sweet.

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San Diego Adventures

This Sunday I set out on the Eclipse in search of whales, though not one whale was to be found, I still had an amazing time.

Every weekend Seaforth Sportfishing sends 3 boats out from Mission Bay, only a 15 minute drive, on a 3-hour whale watching excursions and tickets can be set up through the L'Auberge Del Mar Resort Host.  I arrived and checked in at their bait shop about a half-hour early, as was suggested. You may want to arrive even a little bit earlier and have some lunch at Seaforth’s little deli, 3 hours out and sea can build quite an appetite.

As soon as our boat, the Eclipse, was prepped from her morning voyage and all the passengers arrived, we all boarded, and were off! On the Eclipse there are 3 different areas to sit; the stern or back of the boat, the cabin or interior of the boat, and the bow or front of the boat. I started off at the stern, but quickly learn the bow is where all the action was.

It felt so nice to be at the front of the Eclipse while leaving Mission Bay, sea mist and air hitting my face, spotting friendly sea lions bidding us bon voyage on our way to the Pacific Ocean. As we left the harbor and headed out to sea the ocean swells grew larger and we had an exciting ride, the boat swayed up and down and splashes of water hit us in the face. Note: if you go and leave the cabin, you may get wet. Wear a windbreaker.

Though we searched and searched, there was no luck in spotting any whales. We did stumble across some very playful common dolphins who found fun surfing in the wake of the Eclipse. For about a half-an-hour they followed us, jumping in and out of the water, swimming upside-down with their bellys up, and slapping the water with their tails. We saw mothers with their calves swimming right next to the boat. The dolphins were worth the trip and so were watching the delight of all the children on board. If you are vacationing with little one in San Diego, whale watching is a “must do” and would be perfectly paired with a trip to Sea World, which is right across the street.

The crew was amazing keeping everyone onboard safe and sound. The naturalist on board took the time to answer everyone’s questions and entertain with stories of past voyages. I had such a wonderful time, couldn’t think of any better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in beautiful San Diego. Thank you to everyone a Seaforth Sportfishing… I’ll be back!

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Although there are plenty of awesome mothers out there, I am positive that none of them are quite like mine. She's the perfect combination of parent and friend, and she undoubtedly exemplifies strength, courage and what it means to be an incredible woman. My mom has been a hard-working single mother her entire life. Day in and day out she would commute to work for hours on end for the sole purpose of providing the best possible life for my younger brothers and I. She has had to play the role of mom AND dad, and she has done so with flying colors. My mom definitely deserves to wear an “S” on her chest, and I owe everything I am to my mama!

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A fabulous mother for the interim

My mom passed away in July of last year unexpectedly when I was still living in Seattle. When I moved to San Diego 4 months later, a lady by the name of Linda contacted me via facebook and said that she used to work with my mom back in the day, and she had been trying to get in touch with her with no response. When I responded and told her what had happened, we began to exchange emails and discovered that we actually lived just 2 miles from each other and agreed to meet face-to-face for the first time. From there, Linda has been a wonderful mentor in my life, sharing things about my mom and my dad (who also passed, but when I was very very young) that I never knew. At 27 years old, it's difficult to not have parents, but it's a true blessing to have someone like Linda, who stepped in to be there as a mother for me when I need her most. She is a wonderful lady with no biological children of her own, so this is a mutually beneficial relationship on many levels. I would love to celebrate and embrace her on mother's day, because she really deserves it.

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My Mom From the very beginning it has just been me and my mom, and there is no one luckier than me or sweeter than her. I think back to when I was little, we would sing songs in the car on the way to school. Twenty-five years later, we still sing songs in the car, but now on our way to the mall. If I was having a bad day, all was made better by dancing badly in the kitchen and it still work to this day. I have no better friend to bring be up when I am down and give me a reality check when I am wrong. My mom taught me to be strong and independent, with the courage to go to law school while raising a little monster. My mom did everything she could and sacrificed so much so I could have the best opportunities in life. I had a childhood full of amazing experiences. I knew what it was to appreciate art and education. I could understand and relate to different cultures and food through travel. I understood self sacrifice and humility through charity. Today I am happy, confident, competitive, and strong. I could be none of those this without my Mamare.

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My Mother Gives Like No Other

My mother is truly self-less. My father died at age 46 from bladder cancer. My mother had three young children (ages 6, 8, 10) when my father was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 34. My mother took exceptional care of my father for the next 12 years, seeking unconventional treatments around the world to try to save him. He lived for 12 difficult years with cancer, his goal to see his youngest to age 18. He achieved that goal, and died shortly after my 18th birthday. During my father's 12 years of surgeries and treatments, my mother provided a warm, loving home for all three of us children. She attended school performances, drove carpool, packed lunches, and did all the things other parents were doing, all the while caring for my father who was in and out of the hospital, and frequently bedridden at home. My mother drove my frail father back and forth to the hospital, more than an hour away from our home for chemotherapy and radiation treatments. My mother provided around the clock care for my father for the last years of his life, which she insisted be in our home, where he was comfortable and loved. After my father died, my mother began volunteering in the community, and continues to do so. I have to work, and my mother helps me with my own children, playing with them, teaching them, hugging them, and just showing them what true love and belonging looks like. My mother has been at my side and my siblings sides for every major event in our lives. My mother is a good friend, she has cared for one of her friends for twenty years, most recently helping to move him out of his condo, and into assisted living. My mother is truly an angel, and my role model. She deserves much more than I, or my siblings can ever give her. I hope you will select her to win something in your contest. I would love to see her treated in the way she deserves, and if I could afford it, I would love to buy her an evening in your hotel, but since I cannot, right now, I hope you will choose her for one of your prizes.

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Wonderful Mom

My mom is the sweetest because she was there for me when I lost my job last month. She told me everything happens for a reason and the universe is unfolding as it should. She was by my side when I was looking everyday for another job and when I found one two weeks later, she took me out to my favorite restaurant and told me, along with all of our family and friends, how proud she was of me. When you have a supportive, compassionate, wonderful mother like me, you feel like the luckiest person in the world.

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