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Helen Woodward Animal Center Pet of the Week for Oct 30, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.  (Oct. 26, 2011) –This weeks’ pet of the week from Helen Woodward Animal Center is Hutch, a 6-month-old black kitten with big yellow eyes. He has super soft fur and loves to snuggle. His purr can be heard across the room.

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Marianne & Tom: A Family Fete

I think children often get an unfair reputation as being bad wedding guests.  Yes, they can be noisy, sticky, smelly, and squirmy.  But kids can also add a beautiful perspective to the wedding day.  Their sweet innocence and honesty can make for some of the best, most memorable moments.  I was recently reminded of this fact on a beautiful Saturday morning this past September.

Marianne and Tom not only had the important title of "bride and groom" that day, but counted themselves lucky enough to be "mom and dad" as well.  They are parents to three of the sweetest kids I have ever met --- the kind of kids that make me think that maybe this parenting thing isn't so bad.  That morning, instead of sipping mimosas, Marianne was coloring and tying shoe laces.  Instead of talking about how their day was all about them, Marianne and Tom purposely made the day all about their family.

When their 3-year old twins came walking down the aisle (taking a few breaks to check out the scenery, squash a bug, and say hi to grandma), hearts melted.  When it came time for the vows, no one was phased when their gorgeous daughter excitedly jumped up and grabbed daddy's leg.  And during their brunch a few pancakes may have flown across the room.  It wasn't always flawless or smooth, but the day was absolutely perfect.

Below are a couple of my favorite family moments, captured perfectly by Pamela Scott Photography...

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Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable *UPDATE*

How exciting! Our little friend Frances, who need a home found one and is doing wonderful, she even has a new name. Here is the update on Mattie:

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Kind Words from Hewlett Packard

Dear Jeff & Jessi,

I wanted to thank you and your staff for organizing such a great atmosphere at your venue, everything exceeded our expectations.

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Leane + Ryan

Remember Leane and Ryan's gorgeous, vintage seaside wedding?  Heather over at Vallentyne Photography has put together a stunning compilation of their swoon-worthy images.  Every time I look over these sweet photos it just makes me want to do the whole day over again!  Feast your eyes on more treats from this wedding day over on Heather's blog.

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FAM stay

As an employee, I mostly see the a behind the scenes of L'Auberge Del Mar, but over the weekend I was fortunate enough to observe the hotel & spa from a guest's point of view.

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A Perfect Match

Before I begin, I must admit that I am completely biased about this wedding.  Jeff, our L'Auberge National Sales Manager, and his awesome fiancee Sarah are two of my favorite people.  They are incredibly funny, completely gracious, and always thinking of others.

These two are truly a perfect match--- like a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan makes-you-cry-at-the-end-of-the-movie kind of match.  Sarah is witty and clever (not to mention gorgeous!) and knows exactly what she wants.  Jeff is caring and warm and loves whatever Sarah loves.  They crack each other up and bring out the best in the other.  After each meeting I would leave thinking that these were two people meant to be together.

I'll have lots of fun photos from their day up soon (thanks to the talented Joshua Aull), but for now I just want to congratulate an incredible couple and thank them for letting me be a part of the magic.  Jeff and Sarah, we love you!

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Hello to all my petit pooch friends! As you all may know, finding homes for rescue pets is a cause very dear to my heart. There are so many dogs that need homes it almost seem silly that anyone would go to a breeder.  I understand many people head to a breeder because they are looking for a puppy or a particular breed.

There is however and wonderful website, www.petfinder.com, that can help find the perfect dog for you. You can search by age, gender, location, and breed.

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Del Mar Taste & Art Stroll

What a perfect Sunday afternoon in Del Mar. Del Mar's main street, Camino Del Mar was closed for the Del Mar Taste & Art Stroll. The annual event featured over 40 local artists showcasing everything from watercolor landscapes of Del Mar to handcrafted jewelry made from local materials. The event was kid and pet friendly with face painting and even treat and water stations for all the petite pooches. The street was also peppered with musicians, that added a upbeat soundtrack to the day.

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