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Rainy Day "I Do's"

They say rain on a wedding day is good luck.  On November 12th Blair and Brandon proved this to be true.

Months ago these two started planning the perfect outdoor wedding at L'Auberge, replete with stunning sleeveless dresses and strings of sparkling lights for the rooftop.  And then we checked the weather report.

While many people (myself included) might have cried a few tears over the 90% chance of thunder storms, Blair and Brandon didn't let it faze them a bit.  We ordered a tent, moved their ceremony into a cozy ballroom, and stocked up on umbrellas.

That Saturday was quite possiby my favorite wedding of the year.  You haven't experienced romance until you dine under the stars in a rainstorm (in a clear tent, of course).  And the always-stunning Blair managed to look like a model in the chilly weather.  But the best part was that at the end of the day, come rain and thunder, Blair and Brandon got hitched.

Check out some of these dreamy, rainy-day photos below from We Heart Photography.  They might just make you hope for showers on your big day!

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Kim + Garrett

L'Auberge newlyweds Kim + Garrett had beautiful pastel custom blooms at their recent wedding by the sea. The Vine's Leaf posted photos on their blog of the pretty florals and happy couple on their special day.

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The Perfect Mix

The initial meeting with a bride and groom tells a lot.

When I first met Michelle and Seth many months ago, Michelle said something that I had never heard before (which after years is the business is saying a lot).  She confided that before they got engaged she had told Seth that instead of a ring she wanted engagement turntables.  Yes, Michelle is a bit of a closet DJ.

So. Cool.

While Seth didn't indulge her desire for turntables, he did agree to attend Scratch DJ Academy with his bride-to-be, mastering the art of mixing and scratching.  Their hard work paid off on the wedding day--- this couple packed the dance floor when they took center stage and did some mixing of their own.  You haven't seen anything until you've watching a gorgeous, petite bride spinning records in her crystal high heels!  Michelle and Seth are seriously rock stars.

Take a peek below at some of their awesome wedding day photos taken by L'Auberge favorite photographers, The Youngrens.  More incredible details can be seen on their blog.

Michelle and Seth, thank you for bringing your world of laughter and fun to L'Auberge.  We miss you already! 

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Kind words from 4A's

The venue, food and service was first rate and the group had nothing but accolades for everyone. The bottom line is service and the venue exceeded my expectations!!!

Best regards,

Bob Linden| 4A's
Senior Vice President, Training Education & Development

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Kind Words From Ledcor Industries

Its been so busy lately I haven’t had a chance to thank you for all that you did.  Everyone was very impressed with their stay at your hotel.

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Ocean Views

I don't know if I would even call it "working" to be a part of the L'Auberge staff - spending the day on one of the nation's most beautiful resort properties, enjoying the fantastic San Diego weather and gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean is quite a luxury!

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The Holistic Vibe at L'Auberge

There is something special about the ambiance of working and being at L'Auberge Del Mar as a massage therapist. Working isn't really an appropriate word, as practicing massage for me, is a calling and a passion.

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The Joys and Rewards of L'Auberge Del Mar

It's not just a job, it's an adventure, and I am not talking about the Marine's, it's working in the Reservations Department at L'Auberge Del Mar! I love my Team.

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A Touch of Glamour: Christina & Matt

Choosing a favorite wedding is like choosing a favorite child: it's impossible to do.  Still, every time I get photos back from a recent wedding I exclaim to anyone that will listen that THIS is my favorite one yet.  Or at least until I get the next set of pictures. 

So for today, this is my favorite wedding.

Christina and Matt's big day was filled with nothing short of Old Hollywood glamour.  The bride exuded elegance in her bird-cage veil and to-die-for dress.  Every photo they took looked like something out of Vanity Fair (seriously, these two should model professionally).

They treated their 60 guests like royalty, dining and dancing on the roof under a canopy of lanterns.  Each carefully-crafted detail kept their timeless black and white theme with sweet accents of crystal and candlelight.  For a few hours on that October night everyone was transported to a more glamorous and posh existence.

I wish I could post a thousand pictures but below are just a couple favorites from the incredibly talented Nicole Firestone....

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Be Our Guest at our Hotel by the Sea

As an employee of L'Auberge, it's amazing to work at a property that focuses on the trade and specialized skill of hospitality, each employee I work with follows a mantra all their own. My personal one is "We're Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen." I enjoy working at a hotel with this focus on the Guests and creating an incredible experience for them.

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