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Siri + Paul

When I'm not bustling dresses and orchestrating ceremonies, I love spending time in the kitchen.  There's something so satisfying about starting with a dozen individual ingredients, mixing them together, and creating something delicious.  Last night I was baking chocolate chip cookies while watching "Say Yes to the Dress" (my secret guilty pleasure), and I started thinking that maybe these two passions of mine are actually intertwined.  After all, every wedding involves some mixing and blending.

Case in point: Siri and Paul.

On November 19th this incredibly awesome, completely in-love couple tied the knot after months of planning.  And on that day the L'Auberge lobby was quite a site to see.  The room was flooded with Siri's guests adorned in traditional Hindu attire and Paul's family wearing classic American ensembles.  The mixture of the bright, colorful saris and crisp black suits was stunning.  The ceremony that followed read like a recipe.

Ingredients: Flower Girls in Saris, Ring Bearers in Tuxes, Western Music, Eastern Music, Henna Tattoos, Oil Lamp, Wedding Rings

     1. Prepare one traditional western wedding                             

     2. Sprinkle heavily with Indian flavor

     3. Mix until combined

Through careful planning, Siri and Paul managed to concoct the perfect blend of cultures and created one of the most unique and touching celebrations I have ever witnessed.  The day honored their parents.  The day celebrated their backgrounds.  The day felt like them.

So find some time this week to curl up with a blanket (and maybe a cookie) and check out the whole beautiful story on The Youngren's blog....

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Style Me Pretty Feature

Remember Leane and Ryan's vintage, seaside wedding back in August?  Their stunning day is featured right now on Style Me Pretty!  I'm falling in love all over again with Leane's handmade touches and those sweet flowers by Isari Flower Studio, all captured perfectly by Vallentyne Photography.  

Click here to enjoy the loveliness!

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Holiday of Lights

With the Holiday of Lights show right up the road at the Del Mar race track, L'Auberge Del Mar is the perfect pre-holiday getaway. I have lived in San Diego almost 5 years and have never been to the Holiday of Lights show, so I decided to check it out last night. There were all kinds of illuminated scenes from Santa Claus golfing & playing basketball, to a carnival of lights. Many of the scenes are animated, which makes for a very cool effect. There is something there for everyone to enjoy! The part that I liked the most is that you actually get to drive on the track itself to see all of the lights! I recommend going on a week day. We almost had the track to ourselves and could take as much time as we wanted! It was the perfect activity to get into the Christmas spirit, and with the Holiday of Lights show right up the road, it's just the right time for families to take advantage of our holiday rates. Happy Holidays!

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Chelsea + Matt

Chelsea and Matt, if you happen to be reading this I must apologize.  You were my very first couple that told me you read these blogs (which almost brought a tear to my eye), and yet you are one of the very final couples that I am blogging about this year.  I promise I was only saving the best for last.

On most wedding days the bride and groom work hard to look their very best, checking for food in their teeth and stray hairs at each mirror we pass.  We usually skip photos on the sand because it dirties the dress, and red wine is always out for obvious stain reasons. 

But not for Chelsea and Matt.

These two threw care to the wind and were up for anything all day.  When their photographer (Tracy with Two Rings and a Dress) suggested they scale a small concrete wall and wade through the bushes for that "perfect shot", Chelsea kicked off her Jimmy Choos and started climbing.  Throughout the evening these two shuffled, jumped, ducked, and twisted to capture some of my favorite photos of the year, managing to look flawless the entire time.

Matt and Chelsea reminded me that a wedding day should not only be full of pomp and tradition.  It should be fun.  Crazy fun.  Laugh-out-loud-while-scaling-a-wall kind of fun.

My two sweet devoted readers: thank you for your patience and for making August 6th such a blast.  Come visit us again soon!

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Randi + David - A Beautiful Del Mar Wedding

A mermaid gown and crystal starfish accents make for a modern yet timeless San Diego beach wedding. See pictures of Randi + David's elegant seaside soiree held at L'Auberge Del Mar on the Karen Tran Florals website.

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