Body Treatments

Renew You

Sea Salt Citrus Glow

50 Min | 80 Min

This unique San Diego day spa treatment purifies and detoxifies the body while your senses are whisked away to the citrus groves of Southern California. A full body exfoliation using sea salt that has been extracted from our beautiful Pacific Ocean will smooth and rid of dull or dry skin followed by a hydrating body moisturizer leaving skin silky smooth.

Vineyard Body Bliss

50 Min | 80 Min 

This Southern California day spa favorite will start you off with an antioxidant-rich chardonnay body buff, exfoliating all dull and dry skin. You are then enveloped in a nourishing cocoon of Chardonnay Shea butter, replenishing your body with nutrients and antioxidants for a lasting hydration.

Marine Renewal

80 Min | 110 Min 

This renewing full body exfoliation detoxifies and softens skin with the use of hydrating ocean minerals, finished with a 50 or 80 minute massage using organic botanical oils, giving your skin and body overall hydration and renewal.

High Tide Hydration

80 Min | 110 Min 

This spa treatment is a full body hydration indulgence, beginning with a gentle dry brush exfoliation and then an intense hydrating body wrap with plant and fruit extracts. A moisturizing body application of sweet tangerine and fig butter is massaged into skin leaving the body extremely hydrated and ever so soft. *Great for sun-burned skin.

Ocean Body Indulgence

110 Min 

Enjoy a true seaside retreat that gives you all the benefits of the ocean without having to set foot in the salty waters. Start with a full body exfoliation that will soothe and smooth the skin using nourishing ocean minerals. A detoxifying marine based body wrap will follow to draw out impurities and toxins. You will finish with a hydrating full body massage.

California Rejuvenation 

110 Min

Start your San Diego spa experience with an invigorating coffee body buff, increasing circulation and ridding of unwanted dry skin, followed by a muscle relieving body wrap that soothes tired, overworked muscles as you receive a relaxing scalp massage. Finish with a de-stress muscle full body massage. *This spa treatment is highly recommended for our fitness focused guests.

New Beginnings

80 Min | 110 Min 

This nourishing body experience was designed for moms-to-be, new mothers, or anyone who is looking for extra nurturing and hydration. We start with a gentle non-scented Shea butter exfoliation of the body, followed by a 50 or 80 minute ultra-hydrating massage using unscented Shea butter and vitamin E to moisturize and heal skin while stress and tension melt away.

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