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Gem Therapy

Learn more about gem therapy from our spa.

The allure of gemstones is recorded throughout history, their lore involved with virtually all cultural narratives, religions and social classes. The human body is 80 percent water, a crystalline composition (remember snowflakes), essentially making us a very large crystal.

It is also worth noting that both gemstones and humans are characterized by harmonic frequencies (verses, computers, cell phones, and other modern appliances whose inharmonic frequencies some say are partly to blame for the deterioration of our protective electromagnetic fields, causing physical disease). Further, the science of color therapy–another study in vibrational frequencies has associated certain moods and emotions to specific shades such as the loving warm energy of pink and the refreshing vigor of green.


Fact is that gemstones can be profound partners in supporting and supplementing healing therapies. The interaction of the high-frequency stones touching the client’s body and an electromagnetic field is said to support, stabilize and lift their frequency, particularly during times of change and transition.


We believe in all forms of well-being at Spa L’Auberge and invite you to come and experience our Vitajuwel gem water. Whether you are unwinding in our relaxation lounge or want to take the gem therapy to go, we realize that water is so much more than a few assembled molecules of oxygen and hydrogen. What do you have to lose? Saturate your well-being with gem therapy water.

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