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Pumpkin spiced not'tte

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Fall is one of the most fun times of the year here in sunny San Diego, CA. The sunsets are like none other and you have perfect beaches that, unlike during the summer time, are empty and ripe for ample frolicking. Local businesses take advantage too. We look to the down time to invent, create and innovate to make our guest and customer experiences better and better. And here at L’Auberge Del Mar we are taking full advantage.

We have been playing around with flavors that best identify the fall season here in San Diego, which is unique considering we’re not exactly known for our variety in seasons or weather. We know it does cool down and we look to warm you up with the flavors of fall. Using those famous fall and winter spices like cinnamon, cloves, anise, and nutmeg and mixing them with seasonal fruits and veggies like pears, apples, and pumpkin. We seek to replicate that feeling of being comfortably snuggled up next to a fireplace with a nice refreshing yet warming cocktail rich in autumn flavors. Like cooking, making cocktails takes some experimenting. We wanted to find the best way to use those infamous fall flavors and find a way to make them lighter and more refreshing, so they can be enjoyed in a cocktail.

Right now, on our cocktail menu we are featuring several cocktails that perfectly encompass these fall flavors. We have sourced out to get the best local seasonal ingredients even using some booze from a local distillery. Two of these cocktails stand out as representations of the fall:

Pumpkin Spiced Not’tte

Horchata Vodka by Cutwater Spirits
                Cointreau Orange Liqueur
                Spiced Pumpkin Puree (Made from scratch in house)
                Spiced syrup (Made in house)
                Egg white

Autumn on the Rocks

Bulliet Rye Whiskey
                Giffard Vanilla de Madagascar Liqueur
                Spiced syrup (Made in house)
                Lemon Juice

The Pumpkin Spiced Not’tte or “not a latte” is already becoming a fan favorite amongst locals because of how much it tastes like everyone’s favorite fall dessert, pumpkin pie. With a light but creamy texture coupled with an abundance of flavor just waiting to explode in your mouth. It is a cocktail inspired by dessert but designed to be drank at any moment of any day. It is a drink for everyone. The Autumn on the rocks is another cocktail inspired by the flavors of fall. It is a play on a classic cocktail, a whiskey sour, but it is done on fresh ice and with a hint of vanilla and spice. It’s a cocktail that leaves you wanting more with a light refreshing feeling and is teaming with balanced flavor but still allows for the whiskey to come out and be enjoyed. It is a cocktail designed for whiskey drinkers but can be enjoyed by everyone.

Stopping by Del Mar, CA this fall? Come on by L’Auberge and get yourself some fall flavors while relaxing beachside. Even if these cocktails aren’t tickling your fancy, we have an extremely talented and creative bar team that can always customize something for you. Come on by and check out Del Mar’s own craft bar with one heck of a view. Cheers! 


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