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Camera in sand on beach

Take your travel photography to the next level

Wow your friends and family with these travel photography tips

One of the best parts of traveling is sharing photos of your experiences with friends and family. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t professional photographers, so how do we make our pictures fun and exciting? Well, it’s time to up our Instagram game with these travel photography tips.

Compose your photos with the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the core fundamentals of photography. This theory is about creating balanced composition. The rule of thirds creates a grid of two vertical lines and two horizontal lines. When framing your photo, you simply place your points of interest where the lines intersect. This draws the eye to the areas you want your viewer to focus on.

The best way to use the rule of thirds is to use an overlay on your smartphone’s camera. Apps such as VSCO, or even iPhone’s camera, have a rule of thirds grid feature you can use to compose your photos.


Take advantage of golden hour

Golden hour is when the sun is a soft light. This light gives a nice warm golden glow to your photos, perfect for giving any picture that wow factor. The wonderful thing about golden hour, is that it happens twice a day, an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. With L’Auberge Del Mar along the Pacific Ocean, we have the perfect location for golden hour photos on the beach.


Try a different point of view

When people take photos, a lot of the time, they stand in one spot and take it at eye level. Doing this will produce the same type of photo. Vary up your shots by taking photos from different angles. Get down low and take a photo pointed up. Stand up and take a photo looking down. Walk to the side and take a photo from that view. The idea is to vary how your camera is looking at the scene. This will produce interesting angles and change how you photograph the scene.


Always keep a camera on you

The best way to take interesting photos is to always have your camera on you. This ensures that when you see a location you want to take a photo of, you can! Thankfully with the technology in our smartphones, everyone has a high powered camera ready to go in their pockets.

Transforming your photos doesn’t need to be hard. Follow these simple steps and soon you’ll have amazing photos from your vacation to show your friends and family!


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