Body Treatments

Renew You

50  MIN | 80 MIN 
Purify and detoxify the body while your senses are whisked away to the citrus fields and thick forests of California. A full body exfoliation using sea salt that has been extracted from our beautiful Pacific Ocean will smooth and rid your body of dull or dry skin followed by a hydrating body moisturizer, leaving skin silky smooth.

50 MIN | 80 MIN 
This deliciously hydrating scrub is drawn from the essence of the ocean and is applied to the body, gently cleansing, exfoliating and detoxifying every pore with granulated pumice and Undaria sea-algae extract. An application of sea mineral and botanical extract oils will finish this body treatment.

50 MIN | 80 MIN 
Start with a dry brush exfoliation. A detoxifying ocean mineral clay is painted on the body, then you are wrapped in a series of layers to ensure warmth as you eliminate built-up toxins and impurities. After a refreshing rinse, you will finish with a moisturizing application, leaving you replenished and renewed.

50 MIN | 80 MIN 
This ultra-hydrating body wrap is the perfect finish to a day at the beach. You start with a full body dry buff, then an application of cocoa butter is massaged into the skin, followed by a warm cocoon of blankets. This allows your skin to drink in the nourishing benefits of nature. You then finish with a soothing foot treatment.

80 MIN  
Relax and absorb the benefits of this hydrating treatment. Begin with a gentle exfoliation and painted body wrap. Alpha hydroxyl acids improve the texture and tone of sun-damaged or maturing skin using no abrasion. As you are enveloped in this soothing cocoon, a hot oil application is massaged into your hair and scalp. After a cool rinse in our shower, this intoxicating treatment is completed with a full body massage using an oil blend of hydrating sea minerals and botanical extracts.

110  MIN 
Combat the visible effects of aging skin and restore a youthful appearance with this collagen boosting body treatment.  Begin with a full body sugar rub exfoliating dry and dull skin. With skin now prepped, enjoy a full body masque application that is enriched with antioxidants to help repair damaged skin cells.  Lie enveloped in a series of warm blankets during a relaxing hot oil scalp massage. Finish with a massage application of nourishing oils high in Omega-6 and Selenium promoting cell regeneration and improving elasticity.  

110  MIN 
Enjoy a true seaside journey that gives you all the benefits of the ocean without having to set foot in the salty waters. Start with a full body exfoliation that will soothe and smooth the skin, using nourishing ocean minerals. Follow with a detoxifying marine-based body wrap to draw out impurities and toxins. Finish with a hydrating full body massage. 

110  MIN 
Begin with our invigorating signature California Coast body scrub, increasing circulation and ridding unwanted dry skin. Follow with a muscle relieving body wrap that soothes tired, over worked muscles, and a relaxing scalp massage. Finish with a de-stressing full body muscle massage using an Arnica massage oil. 

110  MIN 
Let us help you unwind with this calm and tranquil full body ritual.  The ritual begins with a gentle dry brush which preps skin for a sleep inducing body wrap infused with herbs of Valerian and Hops.  As you lay cocooned in a series of warm layers, a relaxing scalp massage will be performed sending you into a peaceful drift.  This treatment ends with a relaxing full body massage using a blend of essential oils encouraging a full night’s sleep.

*This treatment is great for our athletic or fitness focused guests


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