Body Treatments


Our consciously crafted body treatments promise a special treat that will delight all the senses. You will emerge from your treatments feeling unforgettably transformed.

Seaside Shimmer
This treatment begins with an invigorating exfoliation utilizing a beautiful blend of marine salt crystals and red algae to cleanse, tone and remineralize the skin.

Your skin is then perfectly prepared to drink in the hydrating and nourishing elements with an application of a warm silky body milk with notes of citrus, iris, rose and jasmine for a delightful aromatic experience. This ultimate treat promises to leave your skin sparkling, smooth and silky soft and is also the perfect prelude to any massage service.

Champagne of the Seas
This unique deep sea detoxifying journey begins with an invigorating dry brush to lightly exfoliate the skin, stimulate the lymphatic system and increase circulation.

An effervescent, warm marine mud mask is then applied to the body and promises to melt tight muscles while remineralizing, detoxifying and contouring the body. As your body is cocooned in blissful warmth enjoy a tension relieving pressure point scalp massage to relax and quiet the mind.

Drenched with a hydrating application of our warm silky body milk with notes of citrus, iris, rose and jasmine this delightful aromatic experience will leave you like a day at the beach – relaxed, refreshed and remineralized.

This treatment is not recommended during pregnancy.

Ocean Quench
The ultimate decadent body indulgence. Aromatic lemongrass combined with the powerful and remineralizing elements of the majestic ocean… unparalleled bliss.

Your experience begins with our uplifting and invigorating signature lemongrass scrub to exfoliate the skin. A marine based remineralizing gel mask, that stimulates cell vitality through a special blend of trace elements combined with ylang ylang and lavender, is applied over the entire body and then cocooned. While these powerful ingredients nourish your skin, a tension relieving luxurious conditioning hot oil scalp treatment using hydrating conditioner and pressure point massage also quiet the mind.

This decadent treatment is concluded by a full body massage with our hydrating lemongrass body balm/lotion. Indulge yourself from head to toe with this guest favorite.

Illuminating Body Peel
This full body resurfacing treatment uses natural, sugarcane-based glycolic exfoliators to remove dry, dead skin to soften and brighten your entire body, from shoulders to toes. Your transformation begins with an invigorating and lightly exfoliating dry brush to increase circulation and to prepare your skin for better absorption of these powerful, result-driven products. A luxurious, rejuvenating mask is applied to replenish depleted skin with antioxidants, nourishing clays and avocado oil. A relaxing, nutrient-rich oil scalp massage is performed while your body is cocooned. Your transformation is complete with a powerful nourishing infusion of topical vitamin D elixir olive, fig and shea butter cream to provide essential protection from environmental damage while you are enveloped in the aromatic essences of jasmine, sage and citrus. Your skin is left feeling revived, brighter, hydrated and ultra-silky smooth.