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Relish the Moment

We can all find a moment of happiness and well-being if we took time to appreciate and celebrate the small occasions in our lives as well as the more momentous ones.

There are few different ways we can program ourselves to appreciate the moment:

  1. Anticipate – Looking forward to an experience plays a significant part in the pleasure you will receive from it.
  2. Appreciate – Notice the beauty and good that is happening. This will have a positive effect on all of your well-being. Remember it’s not what we don’t have…but focus on about what we do have or are experiencing at the moment.
  3. Reminisce – When things get stressful, remember a time that you felt happy or energized. Picturing yourself in a positive situation will put yourself in a comforting state of mind and being.

You know the saying “Money can’t buy happiness” well there is something to that. Research suggests while money can buy you more experiences and objects that you can relish, unless you consciously make an effort to be in the moment, your happiness won’t increase. If your life is about big moments such as objects you purchase, it could actually reduce the likelihood of you appreciating the smaller moments such as a really good cup of tea or a beautiful landscape/sunset which occur more often in our everyday lives.

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