Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy in Del Mar

Our experienced and caring massage therapists are well versed in a vast array of massage modalities and are dedicated to providing you with the transformative massage technique that best suits your specific needs.

Soothing Seascape

Aromatic, fresh and uplifting lemongrass oil coupled with traditional Swedish and circulatory therapies is designed to ease sore muscles, relieve tension and improve circulation. This popular massage promises to leave you deeply relaxed and refreshed.

Holistic Deep Tissue

Our deep tissue massage uses powerful, slow, deep pressure massage techniques and is an excellent choice for those needing extra deep massage work. As a signature special touch, we spot treat especially tense areas with Yoga Balm™, an organic essential healing blend composed of seven powerful essential oils, which is incredibly effective in releasing tense muscles, assists in detoxifying the body, reduces joint and muscle inflammation, improves blood flow and is an excellent mood elevator.

Del Mar Duet

Unwind and relax, side-by-side, each with your own massage therapist in our spacious Couples Suite. This soothing and memorable experience is the ultimate bonding and reconnecting indulgence for you and your spouse, significant other, best friend or family member.

Soulful Salt Stone

This treatment, unique to Spa L’Auberge, highlights the healing and deeply relaxing properties of Himalayan salt stone. Your treatment begins with an invigorating dry brush to stimulate circulation and gently exfoliate the skin in preparation for your unique massage. Grounding and harmonizing salt stones are placed on your heart and solar plexus to create a meditative experience while you enjoy a deeply relaxing full-body Swedish-style massage that will reconnect you to the core of the natural world. With 84 naturally occurring minerals, Himalayan salt stones help support a healthy respiratory system and sinuses, boost bone health, and prevent muscle cramps. This purifying resource also improves circulation and digestion, relieves anxiety and addresses insomnia.

As a special gift from us, you will be gifted with a heart shaped charged salt stone to take home to reflect on your visit with us.

Mother Earth

Essential relaxation and reflection for the mother-to-be. This relaxing massage uses nourishing massage oil, specialized pillows and/or positioning to help relieve tired, overworked and aching muscles. Our 80-minute service includes special attention to the feet to help reduce swelling and soreness. It’s the perfect way to relax and reflect for the expectant mother.

We offer pregnancy massage beginning in your 2nd trimester and throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

Upgrade Yourself

Indulge in one of our seasonal spa specials for a unique and rejuvenating experience that won’t be around for long.


Upgrade Yourself

Indulge in one of our seasonal spa specials for a unique and rejuvenating experience that won’t be around for long.